Foam Roller – Muscle Therapy

18 inch foam roller

Ever experience sore and tight muscles? If so, you should consider purchasing a foam roller. A foam roller is simply a cylindrical piece of hard-celled foam that can be used for self-massage (myofascial release). They come in different lengths and diameters. It’s best to start out using a softer foam roller. Over time you can progress to using a stiffer roller with will work deeper into the muscle tissue.

How it works? By using your own bodyweight you can apply pressure to sore spots along different muscle groups. When you find a tender area or a knot in the muscle, just stop and hold the pressure for 20 to 30 seconds and then move to a different area.

You can purchase them at a variety of retail stores. We purchased ours at Target for around $20. Some foam rollers even include an instructional DVD to show you how to effectively work on different muscle groups of the body.

To your health! Happy Rolling :)