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We are an Integrative and Holistic Acupuncture clinic serving the Minneapolis, St. Paul, Roseville and surrounding Twin Cities area. It is our goal to provide you with the highest quality care that can be offered and to exceed your expectations.

While our practice is capable of treating a wide variety of conditions, we focus on and excel in providing natural and effective treatment options for those suffering with a variety of pain syndromes and reproductive challenges.

If you are interested in drastically improving your well-being and your health, call us today at 651-636-0055.

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After years of severe pain from spinal stenosis I found it impossible to lead a normal life. Surgery, physical therapy, electric stimulation, hot/cold packs all promised results but brought little, or short term relief…and drugs bring their own set of problems and side effects.

An acquaintance suggested that I see Nicole Larsen at Twin Cities Acupuncture…and while I may have been skeptical at first, I began to experience a marked decrease in back and leg pain after my first session. Each visit in the weeks that followed gave me more confidence that, while the condition might be chronic, the pain could be kept at a very manageable level and I could once again live my life. What a blessing!

- K.A.K.

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